Horses For Sale

Passé Partout Van de SRF

2015 Belgian Warmblood gelding 16h schooling 4th level dressage.

Easy character and a worker bee under saddle. Eager to learn and loves diversity in his training also. Never spooky or mean. A truly happy athlete. Imported May 2021 with good X-rays and clinical vetting.



Darkness M, 10 year old 16 h PRE gelding


3rd/4th level with much potential. A quiet kind soft ride for even the most timid rider.  

Offered at 65k 



Eyecatcher – 16.1h  2009 KWPN (Dreamcatcher x Gribaldi).


A smaller warmblood with smooth gaits and a willing attitude for even the most timid AA or JR rider. Imported January 2021 and has competed third level in Europe wirh an AA rider. An easy and sweet horse in every way. Talent to move up the levels while teaching his rider the dressage basics. 

X-rays and videos of his recent clinical vetting available.
Very reasonably priced. Please inquire about this beautiful horse.



2015 Hanoverian Mare 16.2h. Shown third level, FEI 5 yr old


Test and did pony club classes in Europe  Fiona is a very classic mare with 3 good gaits and a great brain for an AA that wants to have fun training and showing every day. She will be a fun horse to take up the levels. Fiona also loves trail rides and hacks quietly with other horses too. 

Fiona was imported in September 2020 with great X-rays and a super clinical vetting. Uncomplicated in the barn and no vices , normal feet and loves people. 

Call for video, she gets better daily!



2007 KWPN by Lord Leatherdale Imported September 2020.  Tall, easy, sweet schoolmaster competitive in Florida in the small tour and ready to show and win for you. Corleone has no barn vices and not a spooky horse. He loves to work and is agreeable in every way.  Can be seen in Wellington or at Sunrise Farms in Newberry. Imported with good X-rays and a stellar clinical. 
Corleone has already shown in Florida in PSG and I-1 with scores to 70%. 




Macho Polo




 2010 Groninger Black Gelding 16.2 h.

An amateur’s dream sport horse and family horse. Macho is a very friendly and nice horse who loves his work and is not complicated to own and show. He has been shown successfully through the Prix St. Georges and is moving along in his training in the upper levels of the FEI. He has very comfortable gaits to sit and is easy on the back. He has a lot of presence in the show arena. He appears very powerful but never uses it against his rider. He always gives the rider a good feeling and is laterally supple.


Buddy Van de Stamberg



2012 Baroque Pinto 15.2 h.

Buddy is an eight-year-old flashy and small competitive 15.2h dressage Baroque Pinto. Buddy is just as his name implies – a true friend to be with in any situation. He is a very confident horse that is like a couch to ride, and comes with his own engine. He isn’t spooky and loves to show, has a good work ethic, and is just as happy to trail ride with his friends. He has won every time he has gone out in second level and now third level, and he has only been in the USA for four months. He works well in the heat and is uncomplicated in the barn and in turnout. Buddy also comes with a full set of x-rays.

Video from August 2020 show in Ocala FL


Allegro SRF



Imported KWPN gelding by Florencio
2005 bay gelding 16.2 hands

PSG/I-1 competitor  and shown in 4th level Musical Freestyle by AA. Allegro is not lazy but not electric either. He is best suited for a rider that he can bond with and that shows affection for a horse outwardly- then he will give you his best. He likes a rider that is confident and takes the reins. He has a lot of presence in the show arena. The video shows an AA rider in her second ever PSG earning her silver medal score.

Allegro has been teaching the working students here at Sunrise Farms and has gotten three students their medal scores. Now its time to win for you!

Fantastic horse and a very nice price.

Offered at 65k.


Bandido LX



Imported Pura Raza Española gelding
2007 bay 16.0hh FEI

Boasting amazing talent and superior character, Bandido LX is an FEI Pura Raza Española now offered for sale at Sunrise Farms. A sweet-natured horse with a big heart characteristic of his noble breed, Bandido brought his amateur owner from training level all the way to fourth level in a single year, and earned his rider a bronze medal within one calendar year as well. A three-time national champion and two-time reserve champion at the 2017 International Andalusian and Lusitano Horse Association National Championships, Bandido was the star of the show and competed in versatile classes, including traditional dressage and musical freestyles, dressage hacks, show hacks, dressage equitation, multiple in-hand classes, and even a hunter equitation class!

Featuring flowing gaits, he is a joy to sit and easy to ride, with a great engine that he never uses against his rider. He is a horse who has 100% to give and who will always give 100%, with unlimited potential and solid changes both right and left. He has great talent for passage and piaffe that comes naturally to him, and which can be easily developed. Suitable for any rider who wants to win in the show ring, Bandido is used to long trail rides and the show arena, having competed in multiple shows monthly throughout 2017-2018 and winning many of his classes. He has no lameness or soundness issues and is as brave as they come.

Offered at 65k.


Lord Hof



Imported Friesian gelding
2011 black 16.0hh

Imported fourth level Friesian gelding with wonderful character and exceptional movement.


Franklin SRF



Imported KWPN gelding by Up to Date
2010 bay 16.2 hands

Offered for sale at Sunrise Farms Sporthorses is a 2010 gelding by Up to Date with a very easy character and good work ethic. Frankie (as he is known around the barn) is suitable for an athletic AA, JR, YR, or professional who wants a horse to finish to Grand Prix in a very short period of time.

With his bright bay coat and four white socks, Franklin is sure to stand out in the FEI arena, and was imported in June of 2018. He came with excellent vetting, and no medical history of any lameness or illness.

Above all, Frankie is a gentleman in the barn and is easily handled by anyone.

Offered at 85k.





Imported KWPN gelding by Sorento (Sandro Hit)

A sweet gelding out of Sorento, Ferrari was shown in Holland through fourth level before being imported in November 2018. He has spent the past few months gaining strength and experience for his Prix St. Georges debut in Florida in the near future. The video provided is just of him schooling in the field in February of 2019.

He is a kind horse, brave and not spooky, and very easy on the ground in all respects. He is best suited for an intermediate rider.

Offered at 60k.




Grand Prix
2005 Westphalian gelding 16.2hh

Max SRF has been competing at the Grand Prix level for two solid years in Region 3 (Florida). At the Region 3 Championships, he was in the ribbons in the Intermediare 2 level as well as the Grand Prix Freestyle. Max is bursting with personality and is a reliable show horse in every respect. Always sound and never sick, he is not nervous or spooky at shows and can be easily ridden in a snaffle or double bridle. He also loves trail rides in the forest alone or with other horses, is well acclimated to the Florida summer heat, and enjoys turnout spent in his pasture.

Born in 2005, Max is at the perfect age and level to teach even the most timid of riders, yet is also perfectly suited to earn a gold medal for an accomplished rider.

Along with his skills and good temperament, Max is as pretty as they come, with a rich, dark brown coat and a long, thick tail. He has been a pleasure to train every step of the way and has so much to offer to any type of rider.

Offered for sale at 100K.